New Memberships Accepted:           

Active Duty  *  Veterans  *  Retired

       National Guard  *  Reserves

                            (See Who Is Eligible Below)

TREA Chapter 58

449 Country Vineyard Dr.

Valrico, Florida  33594



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Attention Members: It Is Dues Renewal Time.


Board Of Directors

All Meetings held at; Seascapes Beach Club

MacDill AFB, Florida - 1300 hours except where noted


General Meeting/Christmas Party


                Sept 15, 2015

                Dec 15, 2015


Board of Directors Meetings


        Oct 20, 2015        Nov 17, 2015




Regular Members - Any enlisted person -- retired, active duty, National Guard or Reserves -- shall be eligible for regular membership. Any Active Duty Enlisted person with 7 or more years retirement creditable service shall enjoy the privileges of regular membership, including attending conventions, making motions, and holding office.


Veteran Members - Any honorably discharged person (as noted on a DD214 or NGB-22) may apply for membership. They may attend convention, vote, and make motions. They must be a member in good standing for three years to eligible to run for National office. The term “regular member” encompasses both charter and life members of TREA.


Associate Members - Widows/widowers of members and non-members, who were eligible for membership at the time of their death, are eligible to join TREA: The Enlisted Association as associate members. Associate members are not eligible for life membership. Associate members shall enjoy the privileges of regular membership, except the right to make motions, vote, or hold office.



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