July 4th, 2007

The Mahaffey Theater and The Veterans Post News

Sponsor A Musical Tribute To America.


Here is how the story goes... Chris was the Manager at the

Mahaffey Theater and every time we requested to put up


Some special items, he would reply; "The Fire Marshal Will

Not Allow it!" Since Chris would not give us access to the

roof because, "The Fire Marshal Will Not Allow it!"


We called some Friends with a Red Truck and a Ladder. 

Now since we could not use the inside stairs...


We used a ladder.  In just a short amount of time, Chris

and his staff come out of the building and asks "What's  


going on?  We Reply... We're hanging an American Flag!

He talks to the Fireman with the Radio and asks if the Fire

Marshal is going to allow this? The Fireman says that he


was real sure that he would. Chris asks; "How Do You

Know?"  The Fireman says; " The Fire Marshall is the

one on the roof in the white shirt hanging the Flag!"


Chris walked over to the Company Clerk and asked;

"You know the Fire Marshal?"  The Company Clerk

replied; "You don't?"






Chris and his staff posed for a few pictures with the

Giant Flag in the background.  The Company Clerk

did not want Chris to lose face, so he asked Chris


If the group could start a fire pit on the lawn! Chris already

knew better than to use his Fire Marshal quote, instead he

said that Mayor Rick Baker would not allow such a thing. 


Since life is full of surprises, Mayor Baker showed up for a

photo op with the Giant American Flag.  Baker was a good

sport when the Company Clerk asked him to go along with


the prank and when Chris came back out to greet his boss

(the mayor), Baker asked Chris and his staff to help the

group out in getting a fire pit going.  Baker kept a straight


face, Chris turned to the Company Clerk and said; "You

know the Mayor?" The Company Clerk replied; "You don't?"


For the following 8 months Chris was very cooperative.






We would also like to thank the 100 member Florida

Orchestra for their great performance and the crew

that set up the stage and lighting for the event.























Voucher Exchange Location

The Florida Office Ticket Center

244 Second Avenue North, 1st Floor

Saint Petersburg FL 33701







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