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For those of you that need demographics of our readers


Here They Are:

The Veterans Administration says Tampa Bay has the largest concentration of Veterans in the United States, over 370,000.


Dept of Defense states Military retirees in the Tampa Bay area is over 60,000


Now add to this Active Duty personnel at MacDill Air Force Base, Three Coast Guard Stations, National Guard and Reservists, is another 50,000


Over 480,000 Patriotic Americans who served or are serving our nation.


James Haley VA Medical Center in Tampa, Florida, is the busiest VA Hospital in the Nation.


Bay Pines VA Medical Center in Saint Petersburg, Florida is one of the largest VA Centers with a campus of almost 400 acres. It even has its own Zip Code.


If you wish to add one spouse to these numbers...


18 to 88 years old,                              High School Graduates, PhD's & MD's.

Artists, bakers, counselors, X-ray tech's, yard maintenance & Zoologist's

Male and female                                 Albino, Black, Brown, Red, White and Yellow

Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim & Protestant

4' 10" to 6' 7"                                       93 pounds to 300 pounds


Household income from $11,000 to $5,000,000 a year


They Drive Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Pontiac, Chrysler, Buick, Caddy, Jeep, Pick-Up Trucks, Motorcycles, RV's, Bicycles, bus's, tractor trailers, farm equipment, Hummers, Fire Trucks & Police Cars.


They own boats from 12' to 200'. On Active Duty they drive a mile long Aircraft Carrier.

Their Choice of fuel is gas, diesel, electric and nuclear.


They fly helicopters and planes from single engine prop to Mach-4 Jets


They live in a mobile homes and ten million dollar homes


They go to movies, restaurants, sporting events, dog races, horse races, car races, air shows, opera's, ballet's, Hoe Downs and Flea Markets.


They listen to radio with Big Band Sounds, Classical, Country Western, Heavy Metal, Jazz, New Age Electronic, Rap, Rock 'N Roll, Rhythm and Blues & Soul Music.


They watch their favorite TV station and see Animal Channel, BET, Cartoon Network, Discovery, MTV, National Geographic, Oxygen, Public TV, Sci-Fi,  Spike, VH1 and the Weather Channel.


They vacation in a tent, a yacht, a villa, a raft and a private island.


They drink; soda pop, beer, wine, scotch, bourbon, rum, gin, milk, orange juice and milk shakes.


They buy; aroma candles, bread, computers, dog food, energy bars, fruit, glazed doughnuts, hot dogs, ink printer cartridges, jelly, Key chains, lemons, medications, nicotine gum, origami paper, paint, Quaker Oats, radios, sandpaper, tools, uniforms, vegetables, water, x-rays, youth creams and zucchini.


The thing that separates our readers from the other 90% of Americans... our readers served in the United States Armed Forces and protected the rights and freedoms of their fellow citizens, so that the other 90% can take it all for granted.



Our Electronic Edition goes out to over 2800 subscribers and reaches ten's of Thousands of readers, Explained Here...

If we send one E-dition to a Public Affairs Office (PAO) for example to the 5th Fleet, there are over 12,000 potential readers. Of course the DoD will not confirm or deny how many... But from the email we receive, we know we have readers around the globe.  If one E-dition goes to PAO at Fort Bragg, NC, another 25,000+ potential readers, etc.


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     Each additional word is .75 cents.  Photo's for business classifieds (cars, houses, boats, etc.) are $8 for the first photo and $6 each for 2 more photos. (jpg format)


All items must be in writing. Business classifieds are for a minimum of three months.



Dept of VA Fact Sheet: America's Wars How Many Veterans?








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