Veterans Day 2010  


We began the day at 0800 hours getting our Van Washed at Mariner's Car Wash, located 34 Ave North and 4th Street in Saint Petersburg, who Honored All Veterans with a Free Car Wash.

We watched carefully as our large van was fed through the machine cleaning it a lot better than most hand washings had ever done.

When it exited the Car Wash (with more than an inch to spare on the passenger side; see photo) it was clean, but for the folks at don't stop there as they pay attention to details and check everything twice.  When we got back into the van and gripped the steering wheel... I thought they switched it out for a new one!

Once the Van was clean and shiny, we hooked up our Famous Float with America's Largest Mobile Flag and proceeded to AmVets Post 698 in Pinellas Park, FL.  After we stopped adjacent to the main road, Park Boulevard, there were lots of honking and waving from passing motorists. The Pinellas Park Police Dept also stopped for a personal welcome.

We left Pinellas Park and went South to Saint Petersburg, FL. Our first stop was at the Veteran Friendly Folks at Ferg's on Central Avenue and 13th Street.  Gay Verano graced us with a photo.  The next stop was at the Flamingo Bar, located on the 1200 block of Ninth Street North, which is owned by Army Veteran Dale Nichols. We stayed there awhile as Dale provided refreshments for our staff.





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