The French Legion of Honor Medal

Presented to American Veterans of WW-II

January 28th, 2013 at MacDill Military Base Tampa FL   

Photos by Paul Branesky








The Consulate Gen. of France in Miami Gael de Maisonneuve and Admiral Patrick Martin United States Central Command Present The French Legion of Honor Medal to America's Veterans.










Hereby name the following Knights of the Legion of Honor;

Lewis Calhoun, Henry Eades, Teddy Fisk, Gerald Forrest, John Golden, Jack Haight, John Hauswald, Milton Hicks, Paul Kemmerer, John Mac, Clarence McCabe, Roy Siegle, Robert Shelato, William Walker, Jr, Robert Wright.




















History of the Legion of Honor:

Created two centuries ago in 1802 by Emperor Napoleon, the Legion of honor is France's highest distinction and recognizes exceptional service to France in various fields. It rewards distinguished military and civil merits and today rewards the courageous American soldiers, our friends and allies, who helped France fight against the barbarity of the Nazis and liberated from its occupied status.














On the 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings, France decided to grant the Legion of honor to all the US Veterans who fought on French soil, many of which gave their lives in the name of freedom and were therefore unable to receive this award. The Legion of Honor is not only a way to thank those who are still among us for their dedication and sacrifice, but also as a symbol of the Franco-American cooperation that have characterized our countries' efforts during World War II and throughout the course of our individual history as well.






















If you know of any Veterans that will be interested in applying to receive the Legion of honor, please contact us at:

French Consulate in Miami Florida

Espirito Santo Plaza

1395 Brickell Avenue

Suite 1050

Miami, FL 33131

telephone 3054034180





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